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Keyboard Amplifiers

    LESLIE 122A

    code: KEY.240.LSL.010.VAL

    The Model 122 is the classic two speed 40 Watt tone cabinet most commonly used with Hammond console organs, such as the B3, C3 and A100 models. Some organists connect two or more of these to their organ for a louder and more widely-spaced "surround" effect. A modern reproduction is the model 122A. This is the Leslie of choice for recording studios or other sonically demanding applications due to the quiet operation of the Model 122's differential signal input design.
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    LESLIE 122XB

    code: KEY.240.LSL.020.VAL

    122 XB has an 11 pin connector and it's been used with the modern Hammond organs such as the Xb-2 or roland vk series organs.
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    ROLAND KC-1000

    code: KEY.240.RLD.020.MOS

    The KC-1000 is our most powerful keyboard amp ever. This 5-channel tower uses DSP technology and a 310-watt/7-speaker system to accurately reproduce the full frequency range of organs, synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments.
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    code: KEY.240.RLD.030.MOS

    • One hundred-watt output power.
    • Twelve in. woofer and horn tweeter.
    • Functions tailored to modern keyboard, electronic percussion, guitar synthesizer and small PA applications.
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    ROLAND KC-550

    code: KEY.240.RLD.040.MOS

    180W combo amplifier.
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