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code: DRM.306.PHX.100.TBS

Pieces Quantity Desciption
TT-1008 2   TT (10"X08")
TT-1209 2   TT (12'X09")
TT-1310 1   TT (13"X10")
FT-1413 1   FT (14"X13")
FT-1615 2   FT (16"X15")
FT-1816 1   FT (18"X16")
BD-2016 1   BD (20"X16")
BD-2218 2   BD (22"X18")
The PHX Series, from the YAMAHA Drum Laboratory At YAMAHA, prototype drums are the starting point of each drum's evolution. These prototypes are created in the Drum Laboratory where YAMAHA continually pursues the essence of musical perfection. Under a completely new concept, the PHX (pronounced "phoenix") Series is the pinnacle of excellence in this prototyping process. Handcrafted by our expert technicians, it's based on over 40 years of history, tradition and experience and technology. The newly developed PHX Series reveals YAMAHA's all-out pursuit of the ultimate in drum craftmanship and sound.