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code: GTR.MRS.010.MOS

The AS80R consists of three channels, each dedicated to a particular area: Channel 1 is designed for use with a microphone for either instrument or vocal reproduction. Channel 2 is ideal for piezo type pickups or input from a backing tape or drum machine or even at the flick of a switch for clean electric guitar. Channel 3 is intended for use with piezo type acoustic transducers, either direct from the instrument or from preamped devices. Combine these channels with other features such as Anti-Feedback filters, Stereo Parallel Effects Loop, footswitchable Stereo Chorus with Reverb and you have the ultimate partner for the acoustic player. AS80R SPECIFICATIONS: Channel 1: Balanced XLR input with phase switch; Active volume and EQ. Channel 2: Active volume and EQ; Shift switch. Channel 3: Active volume and EQ; Piezo/Preamp switch; Anti-Feedback Filters; Pick Attack Control; Pedal Level FX Loop. Overall: Stereo Reverb; Stereo Analog Chorus; Effects Loop; Effects Mix; Stereo Line Out; Phase reverse switch. Dimensions (mm): 452 x 558 x 255 Output: 80 watts stereo (40 watts per side) Footpedal: P804 (supplied with unit)

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