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code: 700.ALH.020.MIX

Professional 6 channel Club/DJ mixer
The Xone:92 represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned from the DJ market. It’s the result of something we’ve done since Day One - listening to DJ’s. The result is a versatile mixer that promises to fulfill every wish list, with features to suit all styles from breakbeat to techno, trance to house.

  • 6 dual stereo channels
  • Stereo mix outputs
  • 2 Auxiliary sends
  • Voltage Controlled Filters
  • 4 band EQ
  • Booth output
  • MIDI
  • VCA crossfader
  • Low Frequency Oscillator
  • Custom illumination
  • Cue system
  • Monitor section
  • Headphone output
  • Ducking
  • Mounting

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