code: 210.KRZ.040.INS

A digital piano designed in an authentic Young Chang console-style piano cabinet, the Mark 12i is our flagship ensemble model. Features include sustain, sostenuto and soft pedals, a Boston-style fallboard, and an 88-note weighted keyboard with three degree tilt, just like the finest concert grand pianos. Its comfortable and supportive grand piano bench opens for additional storage. This unique instrument is available in a wide variety of finishes to complement any lifestyle or decor.

    Keyboard: 88-note 2 piece, fully weighted action
    Polyphony: 32 voice
    Multitimbral: 16 channel
    Preset Programs: 325 Selectable Sounds, includes: 21 pianos (acoustic, rock, and ragtime), 10 electric pianos, 3 harpsichords, 9 pipe organs, 10 jazz and rock organs, 3 clavichords, 2 celeste, 16 basses (acoustic, electric, and synth), 9 acoustic guitars, 3 banjos, 16 jazz and rock guitars, 20 string sections, 8 choirs, 2 solo violins, viola, 2 cellos, contrabass, 12 flutes, 4 clarinets, 3 bassoons, 2 oboes, english horn, 5 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 french horns, 2 tubas, 11 brass sections, soprano sax, 2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, 2 baritone saxes, 4 vibraphones, 3 marimbas, 6 other mallet instruments, accordion, harmonica, bells, plus a wide variety of ethic/world instruments, synth brass, ensembles, orchestral ensembles, pads, leads, synth effects, and sound effects. Additionally, over 100 jazz, rock, and latin percussion instruments are accessible in 22 selectable keyboard arrangements.
    General MIDI: Yes
    Layering: Any 2 sounds may be layered and their relative volumes adjusted.
    Splits: Any sound (incl. layers) can be split with one of 4 basses (acoustic, electric, and synth), plus two "custom" (user-definable) sounds.
    Split Point: User selectable.
    Transpose: Full transposition to any key; Independent octave transposition of each side of split over a +/- 5 octave range.
    Tune: Adjust +/- 50 cents
    Effects: 880 Reverb and Effects Combinations:
    Reverb: 19 different settings - Room, Stage, Hall, and Space, with 4-5 variations of each type.
    Effects: 43 different settings - Chorus, Rotary, Echo, and Special, with 7-14 variations of each type
    Auto-Accompaniment: 64 built-in, preset musical styles. Up to 7 additional new styles can be loaded from disk.
    Style Categories: Big Band, Jazz, Classical, Show Tunes, Gospel/World, March/Polka, Latin, Country, Rock/R&B, Pop, Dance, and Special. Each category offers 3 or more choices
    Style Parts: Introduction, Basic, variation, Fills, and Ending for each style.
    Style Mixer: Independent volume and mute controls for accompaniment (drums, bass, and three accompaniment parts).
    Chord Recognition: Basic, Advanced, Chord Inversion, and Full Keyboard recognition modes, plus chord hold feature. Anyone Can Play Mode - allows you to play any note on the keyboard and have it sound correctly in harmony with the chord you play in your left hand. Harmony feature - adds a full chord to every note you play in your right hand using the correct harmonies, based on the chord you play in your left hand.
    Arpeggiator: Auto-note generator takes chords you play on the keyboard and automatically turns them into arpeggios. Many different adjustable parameters allow you to specify what type of arpeggio is created.
    Drawbar Organ Mode: This special software simulation of a Drawbar organ allows you to program and save your own organ settings. Features all the standard settings found on a typical Drawbar organ, including 9 different partials, percussion, and keyclick.
    Recorder/Sequencer: 16 songs, 16 tracks per song (includes dedicated auto-accompaniment track for recording styles).
    Recorder Tools: Punch-In, Loop, Merge, and Quantize functions.
    MIDI Sync: Internal/External MIDI Beat clock sync for hook up with other sequencers.
    Song Compatibility: Can play Standard MIDI Files and can read and convert disks from Yamaha PianoSoft and Disk Orchestra Libraries, plus PianoDisc Music Library.
    Disk Drive: 1.4 meg floppy drive for loading and saving songs, styles, and sounds.
    Standard MIDI files can be played directly off the disk via DiskPlay feature.
    Panel Memories: 90 quick user-storage memories for complete recall of all front panel settings.
    Edu-Games: This special feature has several different interactive games that are both educational and fun to play. They are designed to help you develop basic musical skills
    Sound System: Built-in, premium 130 watt biamplified audio system jointly designed with Boston Acoustics:
    (2x50 watts for 6.5" woofer; 2x15 watts for 1" tweeters)
    Audio Controls: Front panel volume, treble, and bass sliders.
    Audio Outs: (2) line level RCA jacks
    Audio Ins: (2) line level RCA jacks (for connecting external sound sources)
    Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
    MIDI I/O: MIDI In, Out and Thru jacks.
    OS Updates: Flash ROM allows for updating of the Operating System via disk. Operating Systems can be downloaded at no charge.
    Pedals: (3) programmable switch-type: sustain, sostenuto, soft (defaults)
    (1) programmable Continuous Controller (volume by default)
    Pitch Bend: (1) Ribbon strip
    Finishes: Ebony, Mahogany Red, and Mahogany Brown Polish
    Bench: Matching bench included.
    Dimensions: 33.25"(H) x 56.50"(W) x 22.25"(D)
    Weight: 198.50 lbs

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