code: 225.KRZ.010.MOD

Kurzweil introduces a new generation of professional instruments utilizing their acclaimed V.A.S.T. technology - the K2500R Production Station. Building on the features that have made the award-winning K2000 Series the professionals' choice worldwide, the new K2500R goes several steps further. The K2500R is more than a "workstation": it's a "Production Station". It enables you to complete a project - from conception to final master - without leaving the K2500R environment. The K2500R has the power and connectivity you need for the most challenging projects: true 48-note polyphony; easy upgradability; 60 internal digital sound processing functions; up to 28 MB of internal ROM sounds; sample RAM expansion to 128 MB; dual SCSI ports; a myriad of interfacing options; and economical program memory expansion to 1.256 MB. Today, more than ever, your instrument needs access to modern mass-storage devices - and the K2500R delivers. Dual SCSI ports provide lightning-fast transfer of information via hard disks, CD-ROMs, removable cartridge drives, magneto-opticals and other mass-storage devices. The K2500R also supports rapid transfer of samples between computer and sampler via the SMDI protocol. The K2500R also has eight analog outputs (which double as insert points) plus Stereo Mix Out. The sampling option provides digital I/O's, including AES/EBU/SPDIF, for the highest quality sampling and mastering. The DMTi Option provides a proprietary digital interface with the popular ADAT and DA-88 digital multitrack recorders. The K2500R's "Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology" (V.A.S.T.®) offers 60 DSP functions arranged in 31 algorithms, allowing you to process up to 48 voices separately. Add powerful expression to acoustic instruments by adding wave-shaper parameters; add distortion and resonant filters to create the ultimate tine piano. With 128 MB of RAM, you can sample an entire section of a recording project, then process and mix it through the K2500R's extensive DSP architecture. The possibilities are V.A.S.T. Until now, upgrading your operating system meant taking your instrument to a dealer or service center and having chips installed. The K2500R's Flash ROM saves you that time and expense. Now you can upgrade from floppy disk - just download the latest system software from our web site. Flash ROM also enables you to write your own setups and programs to ROM. You can also upgrade the K2500R's program and sample memories. Battery-backed program RAM can be expanded from 256K to 1,280K via standard low-cost SIPP memory. Sample memory expands to a powerful 128 MB for storing over 24 minutes of CD-quality sampled sound. A full-function 32-Track Sequencer is built into the K2500R. Modeled after the finest software sequencers, it's equipped with 16 song tracks, 16 arrangement tracks, Automated Mixdown and Multi-MIDI Channel record. With a maximum internal resolution of 768 ppqn, sequencer functions include: Linear, Pattern and Step Drum Machine Record Modes, Reference Quantize, Nondestructive Track Editing, Cut, Copy, Paste facilities, Advanced Auto Arranger functions (allows sequences to be triggered from keys with velocity sensitivity) - and more. Reference Quantize allows you to quantize to a "groove", even if the track was recorded without a click. The Event Edit List, with view filters and audible scroll, enables precise, computer-style editing. And if you've already worked with a computer sequencer, the K2500R imports and exports .MID files on DOS-formatted media.

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