code: 220.KRG.120.INS

It's a little polyphonic 20-band vocoder offered by Korg. Feed it your voice (or any other interesting sound source) and synthesize it! That is, control the sound of the synth with your voice. You can even put other sounds through its filters which will then be processed by the vocoder. This basically means you can use it as a talk-box with a guitar, for example or you can use it to add a twist to your drum loops. Other than that this machine is pretty limited, there's a nifty little analog VCU input meter. It has been used by Keith Emerson, Apollo 440, Klaus Schulze, Tomita, Labradford, Rick Wakeman, Roger Waters, Joe Zawinul, Tangerine Dream, Goldfrapp, Air, and Yes.

Polyphony - Yes, all keys sound
Oscillators - 1 carrier signal + 1 input speech signal
LFO - Vibrato (w/ rate)
VCA - Mix level from dry voice to processed
Effects - Ensemble effect
Keyboard - 32 keys
Arpeg/Seq - None
Control - External pitch control CV input
Date Produced - 1978 - 1982

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