code: 220.KRG.086.INS

This is the TRITON with attitude. The aggressive new TRITON Extreme is bursting at the seams with more of everything that has made the TRITON family the workstation of choice for tens of thousands of performers, producers and musicians the world over. Tricked out with vacuum tube processing, USB audio CD burning and data sharing, CompactFlash data storage, digital I/O and stuffed with sounds, it's everything TRITON - taken to the Extreme.


61- and 76-key: synth-action

88-key: Korg's RH2 piano-action keyboard and progressive graded hammer action.

120-note polyphony

Open Sampling system

CompactFlash data storage

160 MB of 48kHz wave ROM (1,344 programs, 50 drum kits, 1,280 combis)

New Valve Force(tm) circuitry - an onboard 12AU7 tube

16MB of RAM can be expanded to 96MB

2x USB Port

TouchView Display

Realtime controllers

4x 1/4 in. output jacks

2x 1/4 in. input jacks

S/PDIF digial RCA output

16-track, 200-song, 200,000-note sequencer

More than Meets the Eye
Beneath the cool blue exterior lurks a red-hot 160 MB of clean, crisp 48kHz wave ROM - five times the ROM of the classic TRITON! This massive ROM includes sizzling new samples - expressive guitars (both acoustic and electric), woodwind and brass instruments captured with true natural vibratos, stellar organs, authentic choirs and an all-new concert grand piano are only a few of the highlights. TRITON Extreme also includes the entire sample sets from Korg's best selling Trance Attack, Orchestral Collection and Vintage Archives expansion boards; the best material from their Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials and Pianos/Classic Keyboards collections; and, of course, the complete TRITON STUDIO sample set.

Mounds of Sounds
When it comes to sounds, the TRITON Extreme is a treasure trove, delivering an out-of-the-box palette of sounds that is second to none. The preload data - created by the top programmers in the game - includes an incredible 1,344 Programs and 50 Drum kits. Add to that another 1,280 Combinations, each composed of up to eight Programs, split, layered, zoned and velocity allocated across the keyboard. We're still not done; additional banks of GM Level 2 Presets contain 256 Programs and nine Drum kits. Let's put it this way: say you wanted to spend a mere 10 seconds checking out each preloaded sound. Be prepared to add some overtime to your eight-hour day!

Unchained Sound Creation Horsepower
Twin tone generators combine to pump out a generous 120 notes of polyphony. Korg's acclaimed Hyper Integrated synthesis engine provides breath-taking audio quality and an amazing degree of sound editing control. Each oscillator is processed through a multi-mode filter and multiple advanced envelope generators for precise sound shaping. Each of the two LFOs offers 21 waveforms, and each LFO can be synced to the arpeggiator, sequencer, or to your other MIDI gear. Plus, you can breathe new life into your sounds using 42 alternate modulation source (AMS) types and 51 modulation destinations. Supercharge your TRITON Extreme by adding six-voices of DSP modeling (stolen from the legendary Korg Z1) with the optional MOSS (EXB-MOSS) and leave everyone else eating dust.

Dual polyphonic arpeggiators can spit out machine-gun cascades of notes, hold down a groove or generate a simple acoustic guitar picking pattern. 489 arpeggiator patterns come preloaded.

Sizzling Sampling
Without equal as a synthesizer, TRITON Extreme is also a robust 16-bit, 48kHz sampler. Korg's exclusive Open Sampling System unlocks the power and benefits of sampling from every mode. This opens the door to creatively resampling your TRITON Extreme performances - including performances enhanced by the sequencer playback and the arpeggiators. Auto-Setup functions automatically optimize multiple parameters for a variety of sampling situations. By far, one of the most important features of the TRITON Extreme's sampling engine is 'In Track Sampling,' where you can sample audio directly into the sequencer as it plays. The possibilities are endless, but now you can add vocal lines, guitar solos and other audio performances to your sequenced songs! Finally, you can sample or resample directly to CompactFlash or Microdrive media. Resampled songs saved to media can be converted to audio and burned to CD via USB.

Expandable to 96 MB, TRITON Extreme ships with 16 MB of sample memory. Sample memory is conveniently added through a pop-open hatch on the front panel. A complete set of grid-assisted sample editing tools is provided - including time slice, loop, truncate, and time stretch functions. TRITON Extreme is compatible with .WAV, AIFF, AKAI S1000/S3000 and KORG format sample data. Advanced Conversion Load allows AKAI programs to be loaded into a new Program or multi-level Combination with the filter settings, envelope settings, and velocity switching parameters preserved for enhanced compatibility.

Exhilarating Effects
Korg's new tube-driven Valve Force circuitry can be used as an insert effect or on the final outputs, adding just the right amount of warmth or snarl to your sound. You can even sample an external sound through the Valve Force circuit to impart 'tube' quality to the sound. Valve Force has proven itself in Korg's ESX-1 and EMX-1 Electribes. The enhanced version in the TRITON Extreme provides that same fullness of tone and also incorporates an Ultra Boost element designed to punch up the low end without muddying up the sound.

In addition to Valve Force, TRITON Extreme also dishes out a generous serving of five Insert effects, two stereo Master effects as well as a Master EQ effect for eight simultaneous effects. Multiple timbres can be routed to the same Insert effect, and you can chain Insert effects together to create outrageous custom multi-effects. Master effects can run side by side or in series for maximum flexibility. Effect parameters are freely editable, can be modulated in realtime and are saved with the sound. Insert effects draw from a deep well of 102 effect types, and there are 89 Master effect types. Effects can be applied to both internal and external sounds, even as a sound is being sampled. By resampling an effect laden performance you can free up effects and use them over and over.

Stay in Control
How do you rein in a beast with this much power? In addition to its mighty and intuitive TouchView display panel, TRITON Extreme provides an array of unique realtime controls, including a joystick, ribbon controller and two assignable switches. Four realtime control knobs can switch between Valve Force parameters (Input Trim, Ultra Boost, Tube Gain, Output Level), sound editing functions (Cutoff, Resonance, EG-Intensity and Release) or any four parameters of your choice - including controlling external MIDI gear. The back panel accommodates multiple pedal types that can be assigned to a variety of functions.

Beyond Sequencing
TRITON Extreme is one daring and dangerous performance instrument, and it's also an amazing compositional tool. Sixteen tracks, 200 songs and 200,000 notes are just the beginning. Step time, real time, looping and pattern based recording modes allow you to capture your musical ideas your way. Sequencing is so much more than just record and playback, and TRITON Extreme delivers the tools you need to polish your songs into gemstones. Quantize functions tighten up your timing or add swing to a steady beat. Twenty-four Tone Adjust parameters let you quickly edit the timbre assigned to any track without exiting the sequencer, and leave the original program untouched. Sys Ex recording allows you to automate your mix in new and creative ways - muting tracks, soloing others, loading new effect programs during different sections, and more. TRITON Extreme also uses song 'templates' to give you a head start when laying down tracks. Each template assigns timbres to each track, assigns and routes effects, and can even offer up a variety of rhythm patterns to get you going. Sixteen song templates, each tuned to a different musical style, are preset and you can also create 16 all your own, eliminating repetitive steps when you want to get your ideas down.

If you'd like to work on your masterpiece in smaller chunks, you can compose individual songs for the verse, chorus and bridge etc.; the Cue List function allows you to string these individual parts together. Once you have decided on the right order - and you can try a number of versions - simply convert the Cue List into a single song. You can also create your hits from even smaller building blocks. With Korg's Realtime Pattern Play and Record (RPPR) function, short sequenced patterns can be assigned and played back from individual keys on the keyboard.

Behind the Scenes Muscle
Its not just what's up front that counts. The TRITON Extreme's back panel is decked out with all the trappings a modern synth should have. In addition to the main left and right outputs, there are four assignable individual outputs to send your sound where you want it. Two audio inputs with adjustable gain and MIC/LINE level switching allow you to sample from a wide range of sources, as well as access the internal effects. Digital In and Out is provided in S/P DIF optical format. Here you'll also find the CompactFlash media slot, MIDI connectors, and the damper/footswitch/footpedal jacks.

Welcome to the USB Universe
We saved the best for last. Two USB connection ports open up a world of possibilities. By connecting a CD-R/RW drive to USB Port A, completed songs (once they have been resampled as .WAV files) can be burned to CD as audio. This connection also allows you to use external USB data storage units with the TRITON Extreme. USB Port B allows an external computer to access the media in the CompactFlash slot, allowing you to share files back and forth.

One Is Not Enough
TRITON Extreme is available in both 61 and 76 key synth-action models - both with variable velocity and aftertouch response. TRITON Extreme 88 is equipped with our premium RH2 keybed, featuring progressive graded hammer action, aftertouch, and an authentic piano feel. Try out the latest TRITON - and take your playing to a new Extreme

Technical Info

Sound Generation Method: HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system

Tone: HI synthesis system=48kHz Sampling frequency, 160Mbyte PCM ROM, 962 multisamples+1, 171 drum samples. Sampling: 16 bit, 48 kHz stereo/mono sampling, resampling, 16Mbytes SIMM, expandable to 96Mbytes. Maximum of 1,000 multisamples/4,000 samples. Up to 128 indices can be assigned to a multisample. AIFF, WAVE, AKAI S1000/S3000 and KORG format sample data can be loaded.

Sound Source; 60 voices (60 oscillators) / Max 120 voices (120 oscillators)* single mode, 30 voices (60 oscillators) / Max 60 voices (120 oscillators)* double mode

* = Sound processed with INFINITY

Keyboard: 61 keys, 76 keys, or 88 keys (Real Weighted Hammer Action2)

Effects: Stereo digital multi-effect system-2 master effects (mono in, stereo out), 5 insert effects (stereo in/out), and 1 master EQ (3 band stereo) simultaneously

Valve Force: Ultra boost circuit system + Vacuum tube: 12AU7

Number of Effects: 102 (insert effects/ master effects)

Programs/Combinations: 1,536 user programs, 1,344 preload, (128 programs for Korg's MOSS tone generator can be added after installing the separately sold EXB-MOSS option. 1,536 user memory combinations, 1,280 preload, 144 user drum kits, 50 preload, GM Level 2- 256 programs+9 (drums) ROM preset program

Sequencer Section: 16 multi timbres, 16 tracks, 1/192 resolution quarter note, 150 preset/100 user patterns (per song), 200 songs, 20 cue lists, 200,000 notes maximum, reads and writes Standard MIDI File (Format 0 and 1)

RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play / Recording): One set per song, 150 preset patterns

Arpeggiator: 5 preset patterns, 507 user patterns (489 preload)

Controllers: Joystick, Ribbon controller, [SW1]/[SW2], REALTIME CONTROLS Knob [1]-[4], ARPPEGIATOR [TEMPO], [GATE], [VELOCITY], [VALUE] Slider

Control Inputs: Damper pedal (Responds to half-pedaling), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL)

Outputs: Main - L/MONO, R, Individual - 1, 2, 3, 4, S/P DIF (optical 24bits, 48kHz), Headphones

Inputs: 1, 2, Level Switch MIC/LINE, Level Knob, S/P DIF (optical 24 bits, 48kHz)

Card Slot: Compact Flash, Microdrive (both +5V Compatibility only)


Interface: USB Type A (For external USB device), USB Type B (For PC)

Display: TouchView Graphical User Interface, 320 x 240 dots

Macintosh Supported OS: Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, Mac OS X or later for using USB Storage: Mac OS X v10.2 or later for using USB MIDI

Supported Computer: Apple Macintosh supported systems above with USB port

Windows Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000 SP3 or later/XP for using USB Storage: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition / Professional for using USB MIDI

Supported Computer: PC supported Windows XP with USB port (Intel USB Host Controller recommended)

KORG USB-SCSI storage driver is necessary for Windows 98. Please download it from KORG distributors website in your country.

Developed under license of physical modeling patents (listed in owned by Stanford University, USA, and by Yamaha Corporation.

Other trademarks and corporate names are the registered trademarks and trademarks of their respective holders.

Preload Data (Demo Songs, etc.) loads inside ROM

Accessories (included): AC cord, 2P-3P converter

Power Consumption: 38W

Dimensions (W x D x H)
61 Keys: 43.64 x 14.17 x 4.61 in. (1,108.5 x 359.9 x 117.2 mm)

76 Keys: 51.79 x 14.17 x 4.61 in. (1,315.5 x 359.9 x 117.2 mm)

88 Keys: 57.17 x 16.52 x 5.65 in. (1,452.0 x 419.6 x 143.6 mm)

61 Keys: 31.75 lbs (14.4kg)

76 Keys: 37.26 lbs (16.9kg)

88 Keys: 62.83 lbs (28.5kg)

Stock: 7