code: 220.KRG.180.INS

Tone Generator: HI (Hyper Integrated) sound engine 48kHz Sampling frequency 64MB PCM ROM 470 multisamples + 518 drum samples Polyphony: 62 voices, 62 oscillators (single mode) 31 voices, 62 oscillators (double mode) Keyboard: 61 keys and 76 keys; velocity and aftertouch sensing 88-key weighted (Real weighted Hammer action 2); velocity and aftertouch sensing Effect Section: Stereo digital multi-effect system– all usable simultaneously 2 Master effects (mono in, stereo out) 1 Insert effect (stereo in/out) Master EQ (3-band stereo) Number of Effect types: 89 (available for Insert effects or Master effects) Programs, Combinations, Drumkits: 512 Programs (512 preloaded) 384 Combinations (384 preloaded) 24 Drumkits (16 preloaded) GM sound map compatible – 128 programs + 9 drum kits (ROM) Sequencer: 16 tracks 1/192 resolution 200 songs Maximum capacity: 200,000 notes 20 cue lists 150 preset drum patterns/100 user patterns (for each song) Supports TR/TRITON format (.SNG file), Standard MIDI Files (format 0 and 1) RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) function: One set available for each song Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiator: Two arpeggiators, useable simultaneously (Combination, Sequencer modes) 5 preset arpeggio patterns; 216 user arpeggio patterns (200 preloaded) EXB-SMPL Sampling Upgrade (sold separately): 48 kHz, 16-bit linear Memory capacity=64MB* (when 2/32 MB SIMMs installed, 16 MB SIMM included with the EXB-SMPL) 4,000 samples / 1,000 multisamples (128 indexes are available per multisample), Time Slice, Time Stretch/Compress, other editing functions AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S3000/S1000 samples and mapped multisamples only), Korg format sample data loading are available Sample data exporting as AIFF, WAVE format available *User-installable. Use 16 MB or 32 MB 72-pin SIMM modules that are either Fast Page or EDO-compatible, with an access speed of 60 nsec or faster, 11-bit addressing required. For details refer to a TR dealer near you. SD Card/MEDIA Mode Functions: Load, Save, Utility, Data filer functions (Save/Load of MIDI exclusive data) CD-ROM (ISO9660 level 1, AKAI S-100/3000 format) loading available (when EXB-SMPL installed) Controllers: Joystick 2 Assignable switches 4 Assignable knobs Audition key Category key Inputs: Assignable Switch/Pedal Damper (half damper supported) Outputs: MAIN=L/MONO, R Individual-1, 2 Headphones USB: USB-B connector (USB ver.1.1 supported), providing USB MIDI communication Media Slot: SD card™ slot 2.7~3.6 V compatible 16 MB~1 GB memory capacities supported MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU Graphical User Interface: 240x64 dots LCD display with back-light Dimensions: 61-key 41.14” (W) x 11.89” (D) x 3.74” (H) 76-key 49.53” (W) x 11.89” (D) 3.74” (H) 88-key 55.67" (W) x 14.37" (D) x 4.84" (H) Weight: 61-key: 61-key 17.20 lbs 76-key 20.28 lbs 88-key 53.13 lbs Power Consumption: 13 W (when EXB-SMPL and 2/32 MB SIMMs are installed) Accessories: AC/AC power supply System compatibility for connecting computer: Windows: • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/Vista • Supported Computer: A computer with USB connector that meets the above requirements • Please use the latest Korg USB/MIDI driver Macintosh: • Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.2 or later • Supported Computer: An Apple Macintosh, including Intel/Mac with available USB port that meets the requirements for the above operating system • Please use the latest Korg USB/MIDI driver.

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