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Inspiration by DJ Carl Cox and technology from Vestax brings you the future in mixing, the future in mixer technology, and a historical product to be, the PMC-CX. The project started when Carl once said "All the mixers that are out now are simply hard to use, even worse my hands are too big to even operate on some of them." The project progressed to become reality by utilizing the technology of Vestax with the ideology from Carl Cox. Vestax and Carl Cox together through time have made it possible to introduce you the PMC-CX Matrix Input Assign System and 4 units of Stereo Isolators are featured on each PGM as well as the Master Out. The refined filter effects with superb sound quality, Headphone EQs that many DJs have asked for are incredibly laid out, placed into one unit precisely in calculated positioning of each feature with perfection.

Equipment that is required and used in clubs and concerts, where hundreds and thousands of people gather, must have reliability and supreme sound quality. To let DJs play in comfort, and to take top priority in sound quality was hard to find until now�c "This is a MASTER PIECE." of all DJ mixers. Experience the future, feel the difference, listen, touch and feel�can experience not to be missed!

MATRIX INPUT ASSIGN SYSTEM : For the first time ever, Vestax has introduced a Matrix Input Assign System allowing to select any source to 3 program channels from a total of 8 stereo sources (4 X Phono, 4 X Line). For instance, one input source can be assigned to all 3 channels at the same time or four input sources can be assigned into one program channel. Maximum playability!

PGM & MASTER ISOLATOR : Again another first of its kind, the ISOLATOR came into the world in 1992 and quickly became a global standard equipment among DJs. 12 years have past since the release of the 24dB/OCT 3 band isolator "DCR-1200" and after going through a number of improvements, 4 units of the ISOLATOR have been pre-installed to both 3 program channels and the master section on the PMC-CX. An Anti Phase Mix has also been added to make a linear cut on the source center-positioned foreach frequency range (MID, LOW). A mixer of this caliber deserves to easily be priced well over the US $2500 mark for it's high technology and preinstalled hardware. Just this alone can explain its value and proving it to be a QUALITY product.

Quality Vestax PCV cross fader (user replaceable) with four pre-selectable cross fader curve settings for long or short mixing (scratching and cutting).

NEWLY DEVELOPED FILTER EFFECT SYSTEM : An extensive amount of time has been spent for the circuit to be developed after "cut and try" with a number of opinions exchanged between Carl Cox and Vestax for each program channel to generate an unexperienced active groove. Featured on the HI PASS, LO PASS filters is a new system never seen before! With extreme intricate waves creating the fattest and biggest sounds while at the same time when you press both switches, it turns to create soft and natural waves generated through a dip sweep/band pass filter.

VCA CIRCUIT AND HIGHLY RELIABLE 60MM FADER : Vestax 60mm railed faders are applied to both input faders and cross fader. With a VCA circuit, audio signals are passed through the faders and made possible to co-exist with opposite elements in having a smooth fader movement with volume control, yet keeping higher durability. The input fader is detachable and an optional rotary fader is also available. The cross fader curve can be adjusted to any type of performance with the help of the VCA curve control.

SUBSTANTIAL MONITORING SECTION : In additon to the MUTE Switch to instantly change to headphone monitoring, the booth monitor is built upon a number of requests from working DJs, featured 3 band EQ at +8dB/-16dB and Phone Jack Unbalanced, XLR balanced for Output and ON/OFF Switches for Microphone inputs. The headphone monitor section has a high powered amplifier with 2 band EQ/ +-12dB providing the best monitoring environment.

MIC Module : In addition to the 2 channel Mic input, an extra line input has been equipped. The Mic module has 2 band EQ at +-16dB and fits to various usage in regards to hauling prevention at any sound environment.

HIGH VISIBILITY INDICATOR : The large and high quality analogue meters guide the current output levels easily and clearly . On the other hand, 12 segments LED level meters also guide both the current input level and rhythm for the program channel. Hence allowing maximum performance and awareness to the DJ.

EXTERNAL POWER TRANSFORMER : The large external power source has been newly applied in order for any noise to be shut at maximum in various sound environments. A large capacity of the transformer provides both +-18 Voltage and saves plenty of headroom margins.

UNIQUE CONTROL KNOBS FOR REAL TIME ACTION : The position, shape and size of all the knobs are one of the most complex parts in development and this time around were strategically and newly created with help none other than Carl Cox. The most frequently used rotary knob is made out of shaved hand-made aluminum and reformed to give you an entire new design.

PROFESSIONAL INPUT/OUTPUT : Master1/Master2 features Phone Jacks unbalanced as well as Nitric XLRs balanced. Also included is a select switch for leveling volume between -10dB and 0dB which has been added to each Input/Output. Master Loop Out gives master effects and REC out records any performance play at the same output level.

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